Horizon Robotics Journey™ 3

Automotive grade product optimized for energy and cost efficient ADAS solutions

Highly Competitive Solution for Highway Pilot Scenario

Cost-effective and energy-efficient computing solution crafted for automotive use cases.

Revolutionary Bernoulli2 dual core BPU with 5 TOPS to accelerate workloads.
With HDR support, Journey™ 3 ISP delivers high-quality images in difficult conditions at low latency.
Balanced architecture with quad ARM Cortex-A53, deterministic ethernet, USB 3.0 and 4K60 H265 codec in a small 16nm die.
Harmonizes throughput, accuracy, energy efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

AD Compute capability

High performance integrated ISP with HDR

Low compute Latency

Very Low Power enable passive cooling solutions

Top Image Processing Quality

Superb image quality is a condition for accurate perception

  • High performance integrated ISP
  • High Dynamic range
  • 8MP camera support for long-distance detection
  • Image quality improvement in challenging conditions like Sun glare, low light, high contrast
Journey™ 3 is designed in more than 40 OEM models and new projects are being started

Success Story / Li Auto ONE

Li Auto ONE ADAS features a dual Journey 3 design
World’s first mass-produced front ADAS system with a high resolution 8MP/120 FOV camera.

“We are really grateful for the full support from Horizon Robotics, their team consistently works with us till very late hours.”
“Horizon Robotics has the most professional team and the most in-depth collaboration with us among computing solution providers I have ever seen.

This has far exceeded our expectations.”

—— Xiang Li
Founder & CEO of Li Auto

Solutions Served

Journey™ and Matrix solutions are scalable from ADAS to high level of automated driving as well as intelligent cabin applications

“We Make Human Life Safer and Better with Smart Driving Solutions”

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