Horizon Robotics Journey™ 3

Auto grade processor
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Two Journey 3 processors outperform one GPU SOC by 43% on EfficientNet Lite0 at 1/6th of the power

6x Full HD/1x 4K
INT8 peak compute
Top quality images
Typical low power in ADAS

Designed for Automotive Compute

Scalable processors crafted for automotive performance, flexibility, cost and energy efficiency

On-Chip ISP Top Image Processing Quality

Images below are processed through Journey 3 ISP tuned by Horizon for an AR0820 RGGB camera

Journey 3 Success Story / Li Auto ONE

Li Auto ONE ADAS is inspired by Horizon Matrix G-Pilot and features a dual-Journey 3 design.

World’s first mass-produced front ADAS system with a high resolution 8MP/120 FOV camera.

“We are really grateful for the full support from Horizon Robotics, their team consistently works with us till very late hours.”
“Horizon Robotics has the most professional team and the most in-depth collaboration with us among computing solution providers I have ever seen. This has far exceeded our expectations.”

—— Xiang Li

Founder & CEO of Li Auto

Journey 3 Dev Kit is available now!

Journey 3 Development Kit (J3-DVB)

- Development and validation platform
- System level reference design. Virtual “A-Sample”
- Accelerate customer time-to-production
- L2+ ADAS, Navigate On Autopilot (NOA)
- 3x J3 automotive processors
- Perception; Fusion; Planning and control
- 6x camera
- TC397 safety MCU
- Q4-2021

Efficient Automotive Computing

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