Highway Autonomous Driving with C-V2X and Automotive Perception

The Challenge

In AUDI China L4 HAD highway platooning project, the vehicle under autonomous driving mode is provided with information such as pedestrians and workers, speed limit, road construction, emergency vehicle, wrong way driving and restricted access. The vehicle then takes automated action for deceleration, stop, lane change or making a U-turn, while all information and decisions are visualized on the dashboard display.

Our Solution

The AUDI vehicles incorporate Horizon Robotics Matrix autonomous driving solution with Horizon Robotics perception, fusion and route planning algorithms, taking information from LiDAR and Camera sensors.

“While collaborating with Horizon Robotics, this project will allow AUDI to develop a future-oriented R&D strategy and prepare for the specific conditions of the Chinese roads and traffic, as well as to perfectly match the requirements of Chinese customers. Horizon Robotics demonstrated its capabilities in  hardware and software processing toward high level of driving automation, paving the way for a safer future of driving.”

Yufeng Zhang

VP Automotive, Horizon Robotics

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