A cost-effective crowd sourced mapping solution for smart cities

The Challenge

SK Telecom, South Korea’s largest telecom & mapping company, planned to develop a smart city solution with the local government. Highly accurate and frequently updated HD maps are critical to support the advanced applications envisioned. SK Telecom looked for mapping solution that could deliver both high performance and cost effectiveness at the same time.

Our Solution

Built on Horizon’s automotive journey processor and algorithms, a cost-effective device is developed for SK crowd-sourced mapping solution. It can generate comprehensive and accurate road elements to enable real-time HD map update at low power. The solution has been applied to tens of thousands of city vehicles, enabling various advanced applications for automotive.

“We are excited to collaborate with Horizon Robotics to lead the creation of edge updated HD Maps. Our continuously advancing algorithms based vision technology combined with Horizon’s specialized automotive intelligence SOC enables richer HD maps through high-performance algorithms at very low power consumption.”

Kooyong Pak

Head of the HD Map Update Project at SK Telecom

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