Li Auto L8 debut with Horizon Journey 5 high performance automotive processor.

On September 30, the world's first mass-produced model of the Horizon Journey® 5 chip, the Ideal L8, was officially launched. The new car is positioned as a family smart luxury six-seat SUV, with two versions of Pro and Max. Among them, the Ideal L8 Pro will be equipped with the Ideal AD Pro intelligent assisted driving system as standard, based on the high-performance, high-power intelligent driving chip Journey 5, and the standard high speed NOA navigation assisted driving function. In addition, the ideal family smart flagship five-seat SUV Ideal L7 Pro will also be equipped with Ideal AD Pro intelligent driving assistance system as standard, equipped with Horizon Journey 5. This release marks the comprehensive evolution and upgrading of the cooperation between the two parties, and officially opens the era of large- scale mass production of domestically produced intelligent driving chips with large computing power.

Journey 5 is the third-generation vehicle-grade product created by Horizon for high-level autonomous driving. Based on the technical concept of software and hardware synergistic optimization, the computing power of a single chip of Journey 5 is as high as 128 TOPS, with industry-leading real computing performance. It is understood that Ideal AD Pro adopts a vision-based multi-sensor fusion solution, as well as a full-stack self developed perception, decision-making and control algorithm of Ideal Auto. As the cornerstone of computing power, Journey 5 will efficiently support the computing needs of Ideal AD Pro. At the same time, the ultimate performance of the Journey 5 will help the Ideal L8 Pro to be both practical and leading, and have a leapfrog product experience in the same price segment, promote the popularization of high-end intelligent driving mass production, and reduce the ownership of luxury smart cars threshold.

The era of innovation is an era when fast fish eats slow fish, not when big fish eats small fish. When intelligent competition is becoming a red ocean, the speed of iteration is the key for car companies to win the transformation of the smart car industry. Both Horizon and Ideal Auto were established in July 2015. As a youthful combination on the journey of industrial transformation, the two parties have jointly developed an innovative cooperation paradigm for the smart automobile industry that is efficient, open, and capable of co-building. In the 2021 Ideal ONE project, the two parties spent 8 months to create the ultimate speed of ADAS mass production and delivery. Based on rich cooperation experience, the two parties will further refresh the mass production and delivery efficiency of Ideal L8.

From research and development to mass production, it took only nearly three years for the Journey 5 chip, which also refreshed the application efficiency of high-performance intelligent driving chips. In addition to the Ideal L8, the Journey 5 has also obtained designated mass production cooperation from BYD, SAIC, FAW-Hongqi, and Ziyoujia Automobile, and more cooperative models will be released in mass production. Journey 5 is a domestically produced intelligent driving chip with large computing power that is very mature in mass production. It has passed ISO 26262 ASIL-B product functional safety certification and AEC-Q100 vehicle regulation reliability verification, which fully meets the high requirements of intelligent driving pre-installation mass production. standard and demanding. At the same time, based on the complete, mature and easy-to-use vehicle intelligent development solution built by Horizon, Journey 5 has a strong lineup of software and hardware ecological circles of friends, which can fully and efficiently meet the differentiated mass production needs of car companies for rich scenarios of intelligent driving.

Relying on the forward-looking technical concept of combining software and hardware and synergistic optimization, the vehicle smart chip product solution with extreme efficiency and openness and ease of use, and the open and collaborative industrial ecology, Horizon has been leading the mass production process of automotive smart chips. Up to now, the shipment of Horizon Journey series chips has exceeded 1.5 million pieces, and it has reached cooperation with 20+ car companies on pre-installation mass production projects of more than 70 models. The practical experience and accumulation of large-scale mass production will continue to feedback Horizon product's R&D and mass production application capability iterations, help customers and industry partners to continuously improve the R&D efficiency of intelligent driving, create an unparalleled product experience, and create safer and better vehicles. Future travel life.

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